Start Building Relationships Beyond Transactions

Engage and Retain your Customers using the World’s Biggest Decentralised Rewards Network. Partner with over 1000+ Brands for Customer Acquisation and Retention. 

Trusted by over 1000+ Brands

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Retain Customers with Rewards You Didn’t Pay For

Collaborate and Reward your Customers using the World’s Biggest Decentralised Rewards Network. Partner with over 1000+ Brands for Customer Acquisation and Retention. 

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True Customer Loyalty Built on Redemption

The true power of loyalty and rewards lie in their effective redemption.  At Zithara we help brands redeem their reward points using our highly Effective Redemption Channels and Partner Brands.

Acquire Better

Acquire customers using our hyperlocal marketing channels like UPI Powered WhatsApp Cross Promotion, The Zithara App and by getting listed on our partner's loyalty websites as a redemption partner.

Understand Better

Understand and automate the entire customer lifecycle by using our in-depth RFM Analytics Dashboard. Automate and Send high conversion rate WhatsApp messages to your customers using our AI & ML Engine.

Retain Better

The Best Way to Boost Profits is by Increasing Customer Retention. Let other brands bear the cost of redemption by listing on your very own rewards website and giving discounts to your customers. Keep the customers coming back by capturing a larger part of their spend cycle.

Manage all your MarTech Needs with our Offerings

Loyalty Program

Set up and run your AI Powered Rewards & Redemption Platform within Minutes. Onboard offline customers to your loyalty website and keep them coming back to you.

Zithara App

List your Deals & Discounts on the Zithara App and get direct access to Spend-Ready Customers. Join hundreds of brands on the hottest rewards and discovery app.

UPI Payments

Collect UPI Payment Online & Offline using our UPI QR and payment gateway. Our rewards platform is built right into our UPI tech stack and even gives you a RFM powered customer assessment dashboard.

Cross-Brand Promotion

Partner with over 250+ Brands on the Zithara Network for Hyperlocal Cross-Promotion using our range of channels like UPI Based WhatsApp Promotions, in-store Promotions and getting listed on loyalty websites.

WhatsApp Auomation

Build and Automate your Entire Store on WhatsApp. Enjoy over 80% open rate for your marketing outbounds and sell like never before. Our AI/ML powered Intelligence Engine divides customers into different segments  and sends them the Right Communication at the Right Time using RFM Analytics.

Redefining UPI and Loyalty with a QR

Experience the next generation of UPI with integrated loyalty, deep customer analytics and advanced payments processing. Install the Power of a decked out POS System & CRM on your billing counter with the Zithara UPI QR.

World's First UPI Powered Rewards & Redemption App

The Zithara App is a Decentralised Rewards App powered by UPI. Customers Earn ZiCoin Cashhbacks every time they make a purchase with a Merchant using a Zithara UPI QR and can redeem them for Offers from upto 250+ Merchants and Brands. The Zithara App runs on the philosophy of Earn Everywhere, Redeem Anywhere.

Intelligent & Automated

According to Forbes: 91% of customers are more likely to purchase from brands that provide them with meaningful and relevant offers.

According to Us: The Biggest points of failures in doing so will be your own employees.

All Zithara Products are driven by AI & ML to minimize human error. Entire customer lifecycles can be predicted and automated in advance to serve each segment of the customer correctly.



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