Instantly Drive Engagement & Sales

Automate your Marketing Processes, Deliver Richer Experiences, and Accelerate growth through our wide range of intelligent solutions


Over 1000+ Industry Leaders Trust Zithara’s Industry Leading Solutions

    Truely Monetize Your Customers

    Drive Repeat Purchases

    Boost your product discovery and customer retention with our end-to-end loyalty and engagement platform. Our AI-powered centralized platform helps you with promotions and assists you in targeting your offers to suitable customers.

    Audience Targeting & Segmentation

    The Zithara Platform is powered by AI and Segements each Customer According to their R-F-M (Recency-Frequency-Monetary) Metrics. Entire Customer Journey’s can be automated and the system automatically communicates the right offer to the right people at the right time.

    Centralized Platform

    Zithara is a Single Platform to Reward, Engage & Cross Sell to your customers. We combine the power of loyalty, reviews and discovery to increase repeat purchases and lifetime customer value. The whole platform is further automated to bring down human inefficiencies.

    Conquer OmniChannel Engagement

    With Zithara’s B2C CRM You Can Foresee Customer Behaviour and Personalise your Offerings to Allign with the Customer’s Spend Journey to increase Brand Loyalty and Maximizing Repeat Purchases, all in a SINGLE PLATFORM.

    Automate out Human Inefficiencies

    We remove the burden of repetative & redundent tasks from your staff, so they can focus on achiving your brand’s core objectives.


    Reliable stay in touch with your customers 24×7. Use WhatsApp Chat Automation to engage your customers when you’re unavailable.


    Reduce response times by automating support messages. Trigger AI enabled auto-replies for faster resolution and higher customer satisfaction.


    Leverage automation to grow without having to add new staff. Gift your business with the scalable infrastructure it needs to boost your bottom line 

    Understand Customer Insights to make every Redemption Relevant

    Journey Orchestration

    Design and automate entire customer journey with RFM Analytics and our Deep Insights Automation Engine.

    Omnichannel Engagement

    Engage with your customers using 30+ touch points & engagement channels to keep them coming for more.

    Dynamic Segmentation

    Segment and communicate with each customer segment automatically. Just set up the system once and forget.

    Customer Personalization

    Deliver a personalized loyalty experience to every customer. Build Relationships beyond transactions.

    Actionable Reviews

    Collect Actionalable feedback on every transaction to improve operations & customer confidence.

    Real Time Reports

    Enter the GODMODE with access to real time deep analytics of your entire loyalty program.

    Manage all your MarTech Needs with our Offerings

    Loyalty Program

    Set up and run your AI Powered Rewards & Redemption Platform within Minutes. Onboard offline customers to your loyalty website and keep them coming back to you.

    Zithara App

    List your Deals & Discounts on the Zithara App and get direct access to Spend-Ready Customers. Join hundreds of brands on the hottest rewards and discovery app.

    UPI Payments

    Collect UPI Payment Online & Offline using our UPI QR and payment gateway. Our rewards platform is built right into our UPI tech stack and even gives you a RFM powered customer assessment dashboard.

    Cross-Brand Promotion

    Partner with over 250+ Brands on the Zithara Network for Hyperlocal Cross-Promotion using our range of channels like UPI Based WhatsApp Promotions, in-store Promotions and getting listed on loyalty websites.

    WhatsApp Auomation

    Build and Automate your Entire Store on WhatsApp. Enjoy over 80% open rate for your marketing outbounds and sell like never before. Our AI/ML powered Intelligence Engine divides customers into different segments  and sends them the Right Communication at the Right Time using RFM Analytics.

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