Local Businesses, Here’s How You Can Get 50% More Business

Zithara is India’s fastest growing UPI-based rewards platformthat allows you to earn cashback in the form of rewards, called ZiCoins.

For the longest time in India there was nothing safer and better than a government job: having a government job meant having all the perks one could need in life. This made the job holders society thought leaders. Then the trend shifted the hot short corporate jobs where growth and competitiveness was through the roof. Parents would prepare their children from a really young age to take up these opportunities by exploring only STEM fields for a “nice job”. Meanwhile anyone who wants to set up a business was reminded of how risky, uncertain and dangerous the idea sounds. This took a u-turn in the recent past when local vendors are getting pushed to explore new avenues. Even customers are switching from international brand choices to local merchants, all thanks to the vocal local moment. 

Here’s the real deal though: Is that enough to push for sales of local merchants? 

The short and long answer to this is no. While local vendors are getting the well deserved publicity, there is not much more that they can do. Here’s a list of how you can increase your business by 50% by just these simple tricks with Zithara.

Zithara is India’s fastest growing UPI-based rewards platformthat allows you to earn cashback in the form of rewards, called ZiCoins. These ZiCoins can be looked at like reward points itself, which are pooled up together from across purchases to be redeemed on one or many vouchers. 

  1. Review Your Online Presence
    It’s crucial to survey your internet based presence occasionally. Audit your sites and perceive how they are being seen on various gadgets. You can utilise investigation to audit your site traffic and foster intentions to further develop the clients online experience. Utilise a mix of natural and paid web index advertising endeavours to arrive at your clients.
  2. Give Cash Back Instead Of Discounts
    Discounts are a thing of the past. First of all, price competitiveness is to an extreme since vendors have taken to selling online but the real deal is that it eats up too much of the margin that you are making. Switch discounts with cashback easily with the Zithara platform. This way your customers will get cashback in the form of ZiCoins as much as their order value.
  3. Introduce A Loyalty Program
    Loyalty programs are all the hoot especially because it creates a sense of exclusivity to the customers. Are you wondering how a small business local vendor can create and sustain a loyalty program? Worry not! With Zithara, the cashback called ZiCoins that you earn can be used with any other vendor on the Zithara network. This inter-operable nature of the ZiCoins allows you to make it a solid loyalty program your customers will love!
  4. Hyper Target Your Ads Directly To Your Consumers
    Don’t spend too much going old school with posters and flyers. Actually, even Facebook ads and SMSs are getting old as the time goes on as they do not cater to the local audience and give the accurate data of the customers around the area. But with Zithara you can! Use their dashboard to hyper target your audience with offers. Get data on the customers in your 5kms radius with their preferences for better conversions. You can also use this to retain old customers with attractive deals they would like based on their old purchases. 

So as you can see, there are more than 1 ways to improve your business by 50%. Register with Zithara now and open doors to more business! 

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