Make Money From Your Phone And Buy Your Next Phone With ZiCoins!

There are too many ways to earn money from your phone out there. But this one allows you to do so from a simple activity of shopping. Yes shopping! We understand there are too many offers that over promise and under deliver their cashback offers. This, fortunately, is a tried and tested way to earn your way to your next phone. 

Earn Rewards While Shopping, Anywhere

We have all heard of reward points and cash backs that get collected in your e-wallets and end up in the dust until they expire. There are too many of such to keep track of, be it your credit card, a loyalty program from your favourite brand or on UPI apps such as GPayPhonePe, or PayTM. But we have a solution for this and that solution is called Zithara. 

Zithara is India’s fastest growing UPI-based rewards platform that allows you to earn cashback in the form of rewards, called ZiCoins. These ZiCoins can be looked at like reward points itself, which are pooled up together from across purchases to be redeemed on one or many vouchers. 

How to earn more ZiCoins

Earning ZiCoins is easy. The next time you make a purchase you want to pay using a UPI App look for the purple Zithara QR code. When you can that to make your payment, you get ZiCoins the amount of your purchase credited to your account. 

For example if you bought clothes worth Rs. 3400 and pay using Zithara’s QR code with any UPI app, you get 3400 ZiCoins credited. There is absolutely no upper limit on how much you can earn. And no lower limit of how many ZiCoins you can get. Even if you go to buy bread or milk, you will get the ZiCoins of your purchase value. 

So to earn more ZiCoins, just shop more from local vendors who use Zithara’s QR code.

ZiCoins that you earn get collected in your wallet and you can check the balance whenever you want on you Zithara app. Along with that, you can also use the Zithara app to locate more such vendors and make purchases from there to make the maximum use of every purchase.

Buy your next phone with ZiCoins

Zithara has an exclusive market place called ZiMarket that can be accessed by the Zithara app as well. This market place has a plethora of vouchers and coupons for you the explore and browsel. Using your ZiCoins you can redeem the offer on your next phone! 

So that was the simple and easy way to earn you next phone with the use of your current phone. For more such tips and tricks stay tuned. Get started with Zithara by registering now and getting a head start with 1000 ZiCoins. All the best! 

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