Struggling To Retain Customers? Heres A QR Code Trick Every Small Business Owner Show!

Zithara allows businesses to retain customers through their strong web of technology and innovation.

It isn’t only some business axiom you’ll hear in a TED Talk or an organisation pre-game event. Customer retention really generates a better yield on speculation than changing over possibilities. What’s more, in spite of the fact that it’s consistently conceivable to win back a previous customer, no organisation needs to end up in the situation of expenditure assets to re-make the interest and trust of a client – particularly an unsatisfied or suspicious one who presently may require significantly more influence to change over. 

Struggling To Retain Customers?

Maintaining customers might add up to a marginally unexpected science in comparison to drawing in new clients, yet it doesn’t need to be troublesome or costly. Indeed, perhaps the best execution for accomplishing fruitful customer retention may as of now be in your tool stash: Zithara’s QR code.

Many brands are dispatching extraordinary, restrictive occasions through live streams or pay-per-view to keep on holding clients and open extra income streams. On the other hand, brands are additionally offering private memberships for VIP customers or a brand’s most connected with clients. 

It’s a way of building and developing a local area of an organisation’s most drawn in clients while compensating them with a top notch offering that urges dedication to the brand.

Why retaining customers is hard 

Every business is facing the same issue: retention. Especially before the pandemic when the eCommerce boom started to affect local shops and grocers the retention rates were hitting rock bottom. Even if there are still left who prefer shopping online, their accessibility and mobility has grown so much that they don’t settle for anything less than perfect. Which is what paved the way for more and more competition. And hence lowering the rate of retention.

But why is it so hard to keep up?

To think of it logically, the needs of the customer are unlimited. They are just taking this need and getting satisfied elsewhere because there may be nothing new that your store must be offering for them.

The Old Way Of Increasing Retention

The traditional way of retaining customers would be to advertise offers in the local area and expect any customers to come back. But what value are you giving to these customers that they would come back to your store again? Since the market has become increasingly competitive the good old price, product, place tactic doesn’t work. Hence businesses employ giving discounts that lower the margins and hence the profits.

The New (And Best) Way Of Retaining Customers: Zithara 

Zitharaallows businesses to retain customers through their strong web of technology and innovation. Their QR code allows for the smoothest and fastest customer acquisition through an organic process. After this integration they are notified of the rewards they have won while making a purchase at your store which gives them incentive to come back for more. 

This way you have created a loyalty program for yourself without spending too much! The uniting of this with the assistance of a basic QR code is the place where the genuine wizardry occurs and depicts genuine headway in balance innovation that even business that needs to be fruitful necessities to get on to. 

All in all, the following large thing that is coming to computerized installments is an upheaval of sorts which will overwhelm the market.


As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep customers returning and building a loyal customer base. Customer retention is a key aspect of business success and can help you to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. If you need help with customer retention, start your journey with Zithara.

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