How cashback is better than discounts for retailers and why?

When you register as a merchant on Zithara (ZiMerchant), you will be able to incentivize customers for making UPI payments.

Discount is value for money, and cashback is real money. Given a choice between the two, what would your customer prefer? 

If you are a retailer in India, there’s a good chance you’re competing with “online” prices. Customers frequently ask “Final rate kya hai?” and you don’t see a spike in footfall unless you’re openly offering discounts. When the period of discounts ends, the footfall dwindles again. 

A retail outlet in India not only has to spend money to acquire customers, it also has to forego precious space in profit margins to make them buy. Following that, customer retention is still in a grey area. 

It’s obvious that when a payment is being made at a physical store, the cashback needs to be digital. Since the merchants don’t control cashback on card transactions, the only available option is UPI. 

It’s exceedingly simple to run a personalised cashback program via UPI, and that’s what Zithara enables. 

When you register as a merchant on Zithara (ZiMerchant), you will be able to incentivize customers for making UPI payments. With the Zithara QR code, your customers will continue to use their preferred UPI apps to make the payment. Whereas you have the opportunity to give them a cashback. 

Instead of giving a cashback in rupees, you would give them a cashback in ZiCoin, which acts as a cash replacement. 

Customers then use the ZiCoin to make additional purchases that add value to their life, on www.zithara.in.

By providing a cashback, merchants get to preserve their profit margins (vs. provide a cash discount), at the same time, they extend the mileage of the customers’ cash. 

ZiMerchants who have been with Zithara have successfully encouraged spending among their customers. The average revenue per bill went up by about 40%, and they saw twice the number of repeat customers in the same period of comparative time. 

If you would like to register as a ZiMerchant, click here. 

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