Simple Cashback? Let’s ZiCoin!

Cashbacks can potentially transform a seamless payment experience into one plagued by inconvenience.

A cashback offer, on the face of it, feels like a pleasant surprise. You walk into a retail store, identify a product or service you desire, pay for it through a Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transaction, and almost instantaneously get back a tiny part of your payment. Everybody walks away happy. Right?

No, it is not quite simple as that, because the devil is in the details.

Cashbacks can potentially transform a seamless payment experience into one plagued by inconvenience. Despite the growing popularity of UPI payments, many cashback offers are linked to credit/debit card and internet banking payments. When your whole life is built around quick approvals on Google Pay or PhonePe, trying to recall your card number or internet banking password just so that you can avail a cashback will likely cause irritation or annoyance.

But the little details, a.k.a terms and conditions, don’t just stop there.

The odds are that any cashback you receive comes burdened with one or more additional complexities. Some offers require the amount to be spent within a limited period of time (Domino’s Pizza sets a limit of 15 days after which it expires), others place restrictions on the type of purchases you can make with it, and a few more dictate how you can utilise it in conjunction with other offers. In the end, a simple cashback is less a pleasant surprise than a minor curse.

This is exactly the sort of situation where Zithara’s very own cash replacement mechanism, ZiCoin, comes to the rescue.

Once you’re a registered user of Zithara, every cashback headache that bogged you down in the past will vanish. Simply approach any Zithara-authorised retailer or seller (or a ZiMerchant), pick a product or service of your choice, scan the personalised Zithara QR code assigned to that merchant with your phone, and complete the payment process through your preferred UPI app. 

You don’t have to spend even a second trying to remember your internet banking password or fish out a debit card from your wallet. Based on the ZiMerchant’s reward program, cashback in the form of ZiCoin will automatically be credited to your Zithara wallet. The more purchases you make from ZiMerchants, the more your Zithara wallet grows fat.

At this point, you may be wondering if the little details, a.k.a terms and conditions, will come back to bite you once again. Have no fear.

The ZiCoins in your Zithara wallet are yours, and only yours, to spend or conserve. They have no expiry date, there is no restriction on what you can buy with them, and certainly no limitation on how you want to utilise them in combination with another offer. In fact, spending ZiCoins only allows you to earn even more of them!

There are two ways in which you can do it.

  1. Zithara Online Marketplace: Browse through 2000+ products and services featured on Zithara’s e-commerce site to your heart’s desire. Pay for the items you intend to purchase with either ZiCoins or a combination of ZiCoins and cash to receive more ZiCoin as cashback. 
  2. Local Retailer or Seller: Visit a seller of your choice and pick out the items you want to acquire. Pay for them with Zithara UPI to redirect more ZiCoin into your wallet.

It really is that convenient. ZiCoin makes your purchasing decisions more flexible and involves less stress. So if you want to start your Zithara journey, click here.

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