Strategic Insights Reshaping Engagement Success

Your Pass to Decode Audience Desires

Navigate Your Audience's World

AI tailors exceptional experiences for B2B and B2C clients, ensuring unique personalization.

  • Pinpoint Precision: RFM filters for resonant audience targeting.
  • Empathetic Messaging: Reflect preferences, foster connections.
  • Timed Perfection: Deliver messages at peak engagement moments.
  • Lasting Bonds: Forge relationships through profound resonance.

360° view of the customer​

Extend your reach to new countries and customer segments and evolve sales strategies from a single platform.

  • Immerse in a panoramic customer perspective, blending offline interactions, online behaviour, loyalty program engagement, and feedback.

  • Link the dots to foster profound connections and insights for enhanced engagement strategies.

Discover Behavior Patterns

Use powerful developer tools and an API-first, headless solution to innovate quickly.

  • Quickly build customised apps and extend native capabilities with modern development tools and a server less runtime.
  • Easily integrate or replace third-party services with a flexible API orchestration layer.
  • Build connected customer experiences across channels with a headless commerce platform.

Targeted Campaigns

Bringing Customers Together Through Segmentation

  • Smoothly integrates local stores and virtual carts, enveloping customers in a single, cohesive segmentation.
  • Shape campaigns resonate with their journey and preferences, fostering personalized connections.

Increase Retail Sales and Customer Retention With Zithara CDP

32 %
Repeat Sales
47 %
Reduce CAC
76 %
Increase Customer Retention
33 %
WhatsApp API Boosts Sales.

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