Rewards Redefined

Rewards Redefined

India’s first UPI Reward's Platform For Shoppers

Now Earn Rewards Everywhere you Shop and Redeem them using the Zithara App for Amazing Offers, Deals and Discounts.

How the Zithara App works?


Scan the Zithara UPI QR at our Partner Stores


Get Rewarded with Zicoins on every UPI purchase


Redeem Zicoins for amazing deals & discounts at your favorite brands

#Let’s Support Local

Zithara is built to make shopping with local merchants super rewarding. Rediscover retail and rewards on the all-new Zithara App. Find Merchants near you, save on every shopping spree, claim up to 100% ZiCoin Cashback, and redeem your ZiCoins for Amazing Deals & Discounts.

Claim upto 100% Off on over 250+ Retail Locations and Online Brands

Decentralizing Redemption

Since the inception of loyalty programs, customers have been stuck with a single brand to redeem their rewards. That changes NOW. You can redeem your ZiCoins at ANY Merchant or Brand on the Zithara App, for amazing rewards, cashback, and discounts.

Built on UPI, But Works Everywhere

Zithara’s main focus is to make shopping rewarding and easy, so we built the whole solution on a UPI QR instead of an in-app scanner. Just scan the Zithara UPI QR at any of our partner merchants using any UPI App, and unlock exclusive deals, discount vouchers, free products & get special access to curated experiences.


Have been receiving UPI Cashbacks on every purchase. I can redeem these on so many good brands. Zithara is the best app to get discounts and vouchers. Loving this since its release.

Akriti Kapoor

Akriti Kapoor


I have been on a savings spree ever since I downloaded Zithara. I really love their amazing selection of deals, instant ZiCoin cashback & their new sleek & elegant UI. Zithara is the most pyara app on my phone.

Abhishek Kataria

Abhishek Kataria


I am totally in love with Zithara. What a great way to spend and earn at the same time. I did some research on platforms like this and I can honestly say that this is the best app to shop, save, earn and redeem. I haven’t stopped using this app since I made my first purchase.

Shrishti Sharma

Shrishti Sharma


I have collected so many ZiCoins by just shopping with them. I can easily redeem the coins and get amazing discounts, free products and services, and awesome deals from my favorite brands. New app but definitely one of the best I have come across.

Maninder Singh

Maninder Singh


Have been receiving ZiCoin Cashback on every purchase with both my favorite brands and local merchants. I can redeem these on so many cool products, vouchers, and services. This is the best app to get discounts and vouchers.

Soubesh Ghosh

Soubesh Ghosh


Really Great App. A Large part of my monthly spending now gets saved with offers and deals from Zithara. I get the best discounts from local small and medium sized businesses I actually shop with. Would recommend this app to anyone in a heartbeat. 

Akansha Gowri

Akansha Gowri


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zithara

Zithara is a UPI Rewards and Cashback App, rewarding shoppers for shopping with their local merchants. Zithara rewards shoppers with ZiCoins, which can be redeemed at any merchant or brand on the Zithara App.

How does Zithara reward its customers?

Every time a shopper pays with a Zithara UPI QR, they receive up to 100% UPI Cashback as ZiCoins. These ZiCoins can be redeemed for up to 100% Discount at the Merchants and Brands listed on the Zithara App.

How to earn UPI Rewards and Cashbacks on Zithara?

Shoppers can earn Zithara’s UPI Rewards and Cashback points called ZiCoins by two methods:

 • By shopping with their local merchants and paying using a Zithara QR with any UPI payments app of their choice.
 • By Referring the Zithara App to their friends and family.

What are ZiCoins? Where can I redeem ZiCoins?

ZiCoins are Decentralized Loyalty Rewards built on UPI and awarded to shoppers when they pay with a Zithara QR or refer a friend. You can earn ZiCoins at any Merchant or Brand with a Zithara QR and redeem your ZiCoins at any of them too, by using the Zithara App. You can redeem your ZiCoins for amazing deals, discount coupons, free products, and exclusive experiences on the Zithara App.

How are ZiCoins different from any other loyalty point?

Since the inception of loyalty programs, the redemption of reward points has been caged to a small number of products from a single brand. At Zithara, we are the monolithic rewards structure with ZiCoins. YOU can redeem YOUR ZiCoins for ANY Offer from ANY Merchant on the Zithara App. ZiCoins are not just loyalty points, they are a tool for change and choice.

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