Redefining Customer Acquisition

Redefining Customer Acquisition

Acquire Hyper-Local leads from the Zithara App

Experience Hyperlocal Marketing by acquiring merchant verified high value customers from the Zithara App.

Join over 250+ Brands and Merchants.

…and many more

Spend Ready Local Customers

All Zithara Customers originate at local gourmet brands and are true shoppers. Customers across the Zithara Network are awarded points in excess of crores every month which can be redeemed for your offers and deals

Verified Buyer Behaviour

Since Zithara Customers originate at gourmet local brands they, have boast a verified high value spend patern not found in customers acquired from other broad acquisation channels like facebook & google ads.

Connect Beyond Transactions

Experience Unparalleled Engagement

The Zithara App is built around Engagement. Launch your own in-app campaign using our built in interaction and outreach mechanisms. Experience unparalleled Customer Engagement using our outreach channels which run in parallel to your app listing in order to improve outreach & engagement.

80% + Open Rate

Our Exceptional Statistics say it All

80% + Open Rate

Zithara’s Promotional App Notifications boast an 80% + Open Rate. Reach out to the right customers at the right time with the right message. 

10+ Lakh Daily Redemption

10+ Lakh ZiCoins are awarded daily. These points can be redeemed in return for your offers and boost your customer acquisition and retention metrics.

Choose the plan that’s right for your team



per User per Month 

Standard Limits for Medium to Small Brands



per User per Month 

Custom or No Limits for Large Enterprises

Billing is done Anually. Get in touch with us if you need access to a specific feature in excess to what is listed in the standard plan.

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