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Increase Retail Sales with AI-Powered Zithara CDP

New Gen CRM & Marketing Life Cycle Tool

  ✅ Auto Creates Customer Segments.

  ✅ Automates Personalized Offers, Engagement at each              Touch point of the Journey at scale.

  ✅ Create Exclusive customer experiences in Stores and on          Digital Platforms

New Gen CRM & Marketing Life Cycle Tool

✅ Auto creates customer segments.

✅ Automates personalised offers, and engagement at each touch point of the journey at scale.

✅ Create exclusive customer experiences in stores and on digital platforms

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Increase Retail Sales and Customer Retention With Zithara CDP

32 %
Repeat Sales
47 %
Reduce CAC
76 %
Increase Customer Retention
33 %
WhatsApp API Boosts Sales.

Manage Your Omni-channel Customer Life Cycle with Zithara CDP

Let our AI engine guide you to adopt a data-driven approach to automate Personalized engagements at all touch points of your customer journey.

Lead Management

Capture walk-in leads to boost sales using AI-driven LMS, empowering your Sales force to never lose a lead.


Rewards, Referral & Feedback

Now, Reward your customers on all channels, run Referral campaigns on all channels and collect feedback each and every time. 

Customer Segmentation

Auto segment your customers based on their purchase behaviour. Using the RFM-V algorithm, you can predict the next move of your customer.

Multi-Channel Communication

Move towards Customer Eccentric communication using Zithara’s multi-channel systems, send Personalized offers, Messages using Whatsapp business API and other social channels. 

Customer Journey Builder

Allows you to be in front of the customer at the right time, at the right place. Use the rule-based system to Automate Personalised communication at scale.



The Real Omni-Channel CDP

Zithara’s CDP provides you with a single view of your customers across Online, Offline, and Mobile channels.

Success Stories That Speak for Themselves

Zithara will enable you to implement your customer engagement goals and success path to consistent growth


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