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facebook & instagram leads

Discover New Leads from Facebook and Instagram

Never lose a lead from Facebook and Instagram campaigns and have all your lead information synced in your CRM.

Use whatsapp engagement to target relevant communication to convert them to paying customers

Automatic Lead Management & Distribution

Automated workflow automation rules let you assign leads to the right contact based on geography, product, or department.

automatic lead distribution
omnichannel communication

Power of Omnichannel Communication to Convert Lead to Customer

Choose the right medium to engage with the prospect. Take advantage of Zithara CRM’s omnichannel communication mediums to connect with your leads.

Nurture leads through social media, WhatsApp, and smart popups.

Success Stories That Speak for Themselves

Q-Mart Achieve 20% ROI on a Branded Rewards Program

Zithara aided Q-Mart in implementing a Customer-first Rewards Program that allows customers to unlock experiences and get additional value across its partners and affiliates.

Achieving a 38% Abandoned Cart Recovery

Zithara’s brilliant approach recovered 38% of abandoned carts for Jabitha’s Choice and drove sales through targeted strategies and remarketing.

Men Deserve increases 28% in Retention Growth

Zithara’s strategies have increased Men Deserve’s customer retention by 28%. Personalization, data insights, and targeted campaigns drove loyalty and engagement.

Love.co's Upselling & Cross Selling Magic for stronger connections.

Zithara helped Love.co upsell and cross-sell, increasing order value and customer satisfaction with personalized recommendations and intelligent algorithms.

Sooper Salon Improves Customer Acquisition by 3X

Zithara helped Sooper generate valid leads in the vicinity of its Salon locations via Hyperlocal Cross Promotion using WhatsApp Automation and their in-house UPI – QR Platform.

Brown Bear Bakery's irresistible online journey.

Zithara revolutionized Brown Bear Bakery and went online seamlessly. Robust platform: improved operations, expanded reach, skyrocketing sales.

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