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Automate Entire Customer Journey's

Create a seamless and personalized experience for each customer with a combination of AI-powered Smart WhatsApp conversations and Personalized Rewards. Your Entire Marketing Pipeline can be automated to communicate the right offer at the right time.

Make it Quick with Pre Loaded Marketing Automation Templates

Quickly put together eye-rolling automation of all kinds without spending time to ideate and create them from scratch. Zithara’s Marketing Automation platform helps you automate entire customer journeys in minutes with AI-suggested automation flows and templates.

Create Complex Marketing Workflows with an Easy to Use Interface

Use our point-and-click visual workflow builder to create personalized communication with your customers. Launching any marketing campaign, whether it is WhatsApp, notifications, or a combination of all, is just a breeze with Zithara.

Campaign Analytics to Help Refine Campaigns

Enter the GODMODE with access to insightful real-time analytics relating to every facet of your marketing automation pipeline.

Zithara provides simple yet insightful analytics reports about each of your automation. Have a look, pivot, or persevere! Have a look, pivot or persevere!

Actionable Insights power Effective Automations

Journey Orchestration

Design and automate entire customer journey with RFM Analytics and our Deep Insights Automation Engine.

Omnichannel Engagement

Engage with your customers using 30+ touch points & engagement channels to keep them coming for more.

Customer Feedback

Built Feedback Collection Automations at various customer touchpoints. Optimizes processes and builds true loyalty.

Let's Hear Our Success Stories




Zithara has transformed the way we communicate with our customers. They are not Just a Saas, they have helped us understand customer journeys from the right perspective and increase our walk-ins by 70% with personalized context-based promotions.



Cloud Tailor

Zithara’s Holistic approach toward customer engagement & retention has helped us personalize & predict the right communication nudges for our every customer. We have seen a 30% increase in new sales with Zithara’s WhatsApp-Powered Referral Program.




With Zithara, we are able to experiment with customer engagement, and I must say the experiments have proven to be really fruitful. The team at Zithara is solid & they work like your in-house partner assisting you in truly traversing the customer journey with effective communications

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is Zithara?

Zithara is an AI-powered Marketing Automation Engine that enables marketers and founders to build effective custom automation on the fly. Connect your tools, technologies, and teams with Zithara.

How does Zithara gather customer data?​

Zithara gathers customer data from a variety of sources, including offline locations, online stores, loyalty programs, and feedback systems. This allows businesses to get a comprehensive view of their customers and their interactions with the business. However we follow the highest level of data protection and encryption standards and the data is only accessible to our customers, not even ourselves.

What kind of insights does Zithara provide?

Zithara provides context-led insights that help businesses understand their customer’s behavior and preferences. This can include insights on customer loyalty, purchasing habits, and feedback on products and services. Brands use these insights to build and optimize their long-term strategies.

How easy is it to use Zithara?​

Zithara is designed to be easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface. The platform includes a range of tools and features that make it easy for businesses to analyze and act on customer data. The platform accommodates learning curves right from freshers to the c-suite users.

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