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How Q-Mart increased customer retention by 37% using Zithara’s new age  loyalty  program

One of the biggest challenges Q-Mart faced is how to incentivize customers to remain loyal to a brand. Wanted to introduce the New Age Loyalty program for their customers during their shopping journey.




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About Q-MART

Q-mart Believe in creating great experiences by bringing the world’s finest products under one roof. They were the first to introduce speciality and gourmet foods such as hydroponic vegetables, international cheese and deli meats among others. It started in 1997 in banjara hills (Hyderabad), Today the brand is loved for its core values of honesty, integrity and trust that customer experience throughout the shopping journey.


Q-mart wanted to introduce the New Age Loyalty program for their customers during their shopping journey that would allow them to be rewarded for any action they would take with the brand, They wanted to reward them on purchases, Referrals, Feedback, Repeat purchase, Buying more than last time and like the social campaigns.


“Zithara’s New Age loyalty program was designed for offline retailers intending to Create their branded rewards, reward customers at every touch point, Allow redemption at the counter and online and effectively communicate with customers” 

This process of personalized engagement with a customer increases customer satisfaction, retains customers, and drives repeat purchases. The system’s automation ensures that customers receive personalized offers and recommendations, ultimately improving their overall experience with the brand.


Boosted customer retention improved by 37% through the implementation of the New Age  Loyalty program.

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