Jabitha’s Choice Achieved Over 38% Abandonment Cart Recovery Rate With Zithara - Zithara: All-In-One Customer Engagement Platform

How Zithara helped Jabitha’s Choice to Achieve Over 38% Abandoned Cart Recovery Rate.


Being a digital-first brand, Jabitha’s Choice wanted to provide its users with a holistic, engaging experience with personalized communications across all touch points.


As a new entrant in the traditional Indian wear, Jabitha’s Choice. started thinking about user engagement early in its journey when it was just a 7-month-old brand and started looking for solutions. That’s when the brand decided to join hands with Zithara, an accelerator program for early-stage D2C startups. 




38% Increase in Abandoned Recovery Rate
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About Jabita's Choice


Jabitas Choice is a one-stop shop for authentic, affordable traditional Indian wear. From sarees to dresses and exquisite jewelry, they offer a wide range of styles and materials. They are known for exceptional customer service and  the beauty of Indian culture.


Jabita’s Choice was experiencing loss of revenue due to Abandoned cart



Zithara helped Jabitha’s Choice to use an omnichannel approach to engage its customers across multiple communication channels to

  1. Targeting and re-engaging user segments who’ve left their cart abandoned for more than 15 minutes and nudging them to complete the purchase.
  2. Jabitha’s Choice then sends personalized communication to its users with the first discount offers.
  3. Users who still haven’t completed the checkout receive a follow-up communication after a 24-48 hours window to achieve higher conversion rates.
  4. Along with sending cart recovery campaigns, Jabitha’s Choice implemented an onsite survey with the help of the Zithara team.
  5. By implementing onsite surveys, Jabitha’s Choice converts its anonymous traffic to known users and sends personalized welcome notes by introducing the brand to new users.

Ultimately this entire process helped Jabita’s choice to increase Abandoned Cart recovery by 38%

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