Men Deserve achieved a 28% increase In Repeat purchases via Customer Engagement with zithara

Men Deserve encountered a significant hurdle in investing a substantial amount towards acquiring fresh customers. However, thanks to Zithara’s Rewards program, Men deserve successfully achieved a remarkable 28% increase in repeat purchases.


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Increase in Repeat Purchases

About Men Deserve

Since 2017, MenDeserve has specialized in cosmetics and grooming, focusing on men’s hair care, skincare, beard care, and personal care. Our mission is to provide men with the essential grooming products they need daily, helping them achieve their ultimate version of themselves. With a range of high-quality grooming products and a dedication to self-motivation and brotherhood, we redefine grooming and empower men to look and feel their best. Join us on this transformative journey and discover the everlasting masculinity that comes with MenDeserve.


MenDeserve encountered a significant hurdle in investing a substantial amount towards acquiring fresh customers. However, thanks to the Zithara’s  Rewards program, MenDeserve successfully achieved a remarkable 28% increase in repeat purchases.


Zithara offered a comprehensive solution to tackle the retention problem by engaging with customers from Lead to Loyal.

Reward Program
Customers earn rewards points with every transaction made. These points can be redeemed to avail discounts on subsequent purchases.

Customer Feedback on Whatsapp

Zithara provided a Whatsapp-based feedback collection mechanism for businesses, allowing businesses in enhancing their customer service and improving their offerings, fostering higher customer retention rates.

Full Fledged Referral system

Zithara’s Referral system is built for ease of use on Whatsapp, therefore helping in acquiring new customers from their existing customers and eventually customer acquisition costs (CAC).

The nudge tools at every stage of the customer journey have helped Mendeserve to achieve a 28% increase in repeat purchases

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WhatsApp for Business

Zithara’s WhatsApp Business solution empowers omnichannel retailers with seamless communication, personalized support, and automated messaging to enhance customer experience and drive business growth.

Referrals and Feedback

Zithara’s Referrals and Feedback feature enables retailers to Utilise customer referrals and collects valuable feedback to improve their products and services, ultimately driving customer loyalty and business success.

Loyalty & Rewards Program

Loyalty rewards programs offered by Zithara help retailers incentivize customer loyalty and repeat purchases. By offering exclusive rewards, discounts, or special privileges, retailers can encourage customers to continue shopping with them, leading to increased customer retention, higher sales, and overall business growth.

Customer segmentation

Optimise RFM-led cutting-edge filtering criteria to target customers. Use context-led insights to understand your customer’s behaviour better & Create a 360* view of your customers across offline locations, online stores, loyalty & feedback systems.

Lead Management

Capture every lead from Facebook and Instagram campaigns and sync seamlessly with your CRM. Engage prospects through multiple channels like social media, WhatsApp, and smart popups. Automate lead distribution for efficient and effective communication, converting leads into customers effortlessly.

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