Meghavi Grew Incremental Revenue from (loyalty) by 48% with Zithara’s New Age Loyalty - Zithara: All-In-One Customer Engagement Platform

Meghavi Grew Incremental Revenue from (loyalty) by 48% with zithara new age loyalty

Meghavi Wellness Spa Increased ATV by 17%.

Meghavi sold many Memberships to create repetitive behavior in their customers. However , it also created stagnation of Ticket size. They needed to increase the ticket size, yet make them feel that they got the best deal. Introduced Customized reward program that guaranteed better purchasability next visit while increasing the spend each visit.  Megahvi quickly  saw a 17% ATV increase. 




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About Meghavi Wellness

Largest Luxury Spa Chain Brands in India  is a popular wellness brand that offers a range of services and products designed to help customers lead a healthy and balanced life.  Meghavi Wellness Chain pioneered and removed the taboo around body massages by adding an unbeatable value proposition to their customer base which created loyal customer base for them


Zithara Helped the brand understand that Singular ways to increase LTV yet have the customer repeat at regular intervals, they had to do away with steep discounts and reward their customers at each visit so the customers could convert the reward point for Future visits to the store. 

Zithara is an All-in-one AI-powered CRM built to maximize revenue for any Omni Channel retail. Zithara offers Rewards/loyalty, Referrals, Feedback, Whatsapp Business API with green tick verification to connect communication channels with customers,  Customer segmentation, an Automated Campaign engine, and Integration into Social media Ads and campaigns.


The partnership with Zithara helped Meghavi Wellness Chain achieve its goals of increasing its customer LTV and attracting new customers. By using personalized discounts and a referral program, Meghavi was able to incentivize customers to spend more and refer their friends and family to the spa. 

This resulted in a significant increase in customer LTV and helped them attract new customers. 

Overall, the partnership with Zithara was a success and helped Largest Luxury Spa Chain Brands in India achieve their business objectives.

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