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Businesses can increase customer visits by up to 54% and increase revenue growth

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Not Some random loyalty program and rewards Move to Authentic Value

The customer’s are changing including how they view Loyalty programs, Brands must move above the eye wash rewards to the ones that mean real value.

Our loyalty program is tailored to cater to the needs of both present and future customers. It empowers you to craft loyalty programs that not only bring joy to your customers but also boost your revenue.

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Build Relationships Beyond Points and Rewards

Leverage the power of Zithara to grow your business by attracting customers. Create a revolutionary rewards program that increases lifetime value and customer loyalty. Seamlessly integrate with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. Experience exponential growth with cost-effective acquisition.

Create highly configurable promotions with Our Loyalty System's unmatched flexibility.

Zithara’s loyalty program has a great amount of Marketing flexibility, which gives you the ability to create any  kind of promotion that you can think of. Whether it’s a marketing campaign incentive or a surprise that will delight your customers, you can configure it with ease.

Deliver Unique Customer Experiences with our exclusive offerings.

Impress loyal customers with personalized experiences and exclusive benefits. Increase loyalty with a unique rewards system and social media engagement. Effortlessly drive satisfaction and loyalty.

Easily Redeem Rewards and Points across multiple channels.

Make sure that your loyal customers receive a uniform and tailored loyalty experience, regardless of how they interact with your brand – be it through your app, website, or in-store. By doing so, you can ensure that your customers feel respected and valued, irrespective of the channel they use to engage with your brand.

Success Stories That Speak for Themselves

Q-Mart Achieve 20% ROI on a Branded Rewards Program

Zithara aided Q-Mart in implementing a Customer-first Rewards Program that allows customers to unlock experiences and get additional value across its partners and affiliates.

Achieving a 38% Abandoned Cart Recovery

Zithara’s brilliant approach recovered 38% of abandoned carts for Jabitha’s Choice and drove sales through targeted strategies and remarketing.

Men Deserve increases 28% in Retention Growth

Zithara’s strategies have increased Men Deserve’s customer retention by 28%. Personalization, data insights, and targeted campaigns drove loyalty and engagement.

Love.co's Upselling & Cross Selling Magic for stronger connections.

Zithara helped Love.co upsell and cross-sell, increasing order value and customer satisfaction with personalized recommendations and intelligent algorithms.

Sooper Salon Improves Customer Acquisition by 3X

Zithara helped Sooper generate valid leads in the vicinity of its Salon locations via Hyperlocal Cross Promotion using WhatsApp Automation and their in-house UPI – QR Platform.

Brown Bear Bakery's irresistible online journey.

Zithara revolutionized Brown Bear Bakery and went online seamlessly. Robust platform: improved operations, expanded reach, skyrocketing sales.

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