Achieve 10X Increase in User-led Growth with Rewards, Referrals and Feedback

Increase in User-led Growth with Rewards, Referrals and Feedback.

rewards, referrals & feedback

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Build Relationships Beyond Points and Rewards

Let your existing customers grow your business for you. How? Use Zithara to create a Reward program that goes beyond points and rewards, sees a significant increase in customer Lifetime Value, and Exponential growth in Customer Retention.

Zithara power’s reward programs for your stores on all e-commerce platforms Shopify, WooCommerce etc. A well-designed reward program aids in driving more cost-effective acquisition through advocacy.

Drive Revenue by Deeply Understanding Your Cutomers through Feedback

Leverage a deep understanding of your users, their needs, and their intent to drive more revenue and guarantee long-term retention with Zithara’s exclusive Feedback feature that can be collected at the right time. Enjoy user-led growth through a customized feedback system.

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referral program

Get More Referrals for your Business.

Word of mouth just became the word of WhatsApp! Simply reach your loyal customer base with smart Referrals via WhatsApp and meet your customer where they already are. Generate more referrals with a referral program vs waiting for word of mouth to happen.

Automatically invite customers to join your refer-a-friend program from your WhatsApp, CRM, or e-commerce systems & watch the referrals roll in.

Success Stories That Speak for Themselves

Q-Mart Achieve 200% ROI on a Branded Rewards Program

Zithara aided Q-Mart in implementing a Customer-first Rewards Program that allows customers to unlock experiences and get additional value across its partners and affiliates.

Sooper Salon Improves Customer Acquisition by 3X

Zithara helped Sooper generate valid leads in the vicinity of its Salon locations via Hyperlocal Cross Promotion using WhatsApp Automation and their in-house UPI – QR Platform.

Beautiful People Salon Doubles Sales with Targeted Upselling

Zithara’s CRM allows Beautiful People Salon to build personas for its customers and target the right customers with the right offers. Personalization also aids in service Up-selling.

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Zithara has transformed the way we communicate with our customers. They are not Just a Saas, they have helped us understand customer journeys from the right perspective and increase our walk-ins by 70% with personalized context-based promotions.



Cloud Tailor

Zithara’s Holistic approach toward customer engagement & retention has helped us personalize & predict the right communication nudges for our every customer. We have seen a 30% increase in new sales with Zithara’s WhatsApp-Powered Referral Program.




With Zithara, we are able to experiment with customer engagement, and I must say the experiments have proven to be really fruitful. The team at Zithara is solid & they work like your in-house partner assisting you in truly traversing the customer journey with effective communications

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