Maximize Revenue with Next-Gen UPI Payments

Experience the next generation of UPI Payments with integrated
loyalty, deep customer analytics, and advanced payment
processing. Install the Power of a decked-out POS System
& CRM on your billing counter with the Zithara UPI Payments QR.

UPI Payments

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rewards on upi transactions

Give Rewards to your Customers on every Transaction

Every Zithara UPI Payments QR comes with an advanced rewards program baked right into it. When customers make payments on your UPI Payments QR, they get a reward currency that can be redeemed for your offers and deals, thereby increasing customer retention.

Collect Advanced Insights in Real-Time

Get Advanced Business Insights in the palm of your hand. Control your Entire Business from a Single Dashboard. Create Store-level and terminal-level access and ids for your employees. Access and analyze all the data from all your payment nodes with an easy-to-use merchant app. 

advanced insights
feedback management

State-of-the-art Feedback Management

Collect and Manage Actionable Feedback on every transaction with Zithara UPI Payments QR – WhatsApp Integration. Send Transactional acknowledgments on every UPI payment with a feedback CTA. Collect and view this actionable feedback data from your merchant dashboard.

Advanced RFM Analytics

Collect and view advanced customer behavioral analytics on the Zithara Merchant Dashboard. View RFM (Recency-Frequency-Monetary) Data, Create & Manage the Entire Customer Journey & set up automated communications for each customer segment.

rfm analytics
OmniChannel UPI Payments
Omni-Channel UPI Payments QR

The Zithara UPI Payments QR can be placed both as an Offline QR code at physical locations and as an Online UPI Payment Gateway. The Zithara UPI Platform can be used for:


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Success Stories That Speak for Themselves

Q-Mart Achieve 20% ROI on a Branded Rewards Program

Zithara aided Q-Mart in implementing a Customer-first Rewards Program that allows customers to unlock experiences and get additional value across its partners and affiliates.

Achieving a 38% Abandoned Cart Recovery

Zithara’s brilliant approach recovered 38% of abandoned carts for Jabitha’s Choice and drove sales through targeted strategies and remarketing.

Men Deserve increases 28% in Retention Growth

Zithara’s strategies have increased Men Deserve’s customer retention by 28%. Personalization, data insights, and targeted campaigns drove loyalty and engagement.

Love.co's Upselling & Cross Selling Magic for stronger connections.

Zithara helped Love.co upsell and cross-sell, increasing order value and customer satisfaction with personalized recommendations and intelligent algorithms.

Sooper Salon Improves Customer Acquisition by 3X

Zithara helped Sooper generate valid leads in the vicinity of its Salon locations via Hyperlocal Cross Promotion using WhatsApp Automation and their in-house UPI – QR Platform.

Brown Bear Bakery's irresistible online journey.

Zithara revolutionized Brown Bear Bakery and went online seamlessly. Robust platform: improved operations, expanded reach, skyrocketing sales.

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