Official WhatsApp API

Build Engagement, E-Commerce & Loyalty on WhatsApp

Automate Customer Engagement, Deliver Richer Experiences, Accelerate Sales, and join 1000+ Zithara Customers with a Green Tick.

    The only Engagement Platform you’ll ever need

    Use WhatsApp and AI-powered automation to deliver a customer experience never seen before in the history of customer engagement.

    80% Open Rate

    Zithara’s AI Powered WhatsApp outbounds have a proven open rate upwards of 80%

    Safe & Secure

    We pay special attention to always keeping your data encypted and secured 

    Automated Flow

    The Whole Platform runs on an AI Powered Automation Engine requiring almost no human involvement.

    E-Commerce Engine

    Build an entire store with automated product catalogues, order placement and payment collection.

    Automate out Human Inefficiencies

    We remove the burden of repetative & redundent tasks from your staff, so they can focus on achiving your brand’s core objectives.


    Reliable stay in touch with your customers 24×7. Use WhatsApp Chat Automation to engage your customers when you’re unavailable.


    Reduce response times by automating support messages. Trigger AI enabled auto-replies for faster resolution and higher customer satisfaction.


    Leverage automation to grow without having to add new staff. Gift your business with the scalable infrastructure it needs to boost your bottom line 

    Drive Transactions with WhatsApp Commerce

    Trigger Customer Journeys on WhatsApp

    Collect Payment Inside WhatsApp

    Book a 30 Minute Consultation, to transform the next 30 Years of your Brand

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