New Era of Customer Engagement

  • Say goodbye to generic marketing messages

Craft Moments, Not Just Messages

Breaking the B2B and B2C Boundaries for Dynamic Conversations

  • Reconnect with Authentic Conversations.
  • Experience Zithara’s WhatsApp for Business
    Connect on a Personal Level.
  • Rediscover Authentic  Customer Engagement.

Your E-Commerce Playground on WhatsApp

Take Your Store to WhatsApp – Where Your Shoppers Hang Out.

  • Artistic Product Catalogues: Your Digital Storefront.
  • Bringing Your Store to Where Shoppers Are: WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp: Your E-commerce Store’s New Home
  • Payment Magic: Seamlessly, Securely, Swiftly. 

Drip Marketing Game with WhatsApp’s Magic

Drip by Drip, Craft Your Brand’s Epic Saga with WhatsApp.

  • Crafting Compelling WhatsApp Promotions.
  • Nurturing Customer Loyalty through Whatsapp Drip Campaigns.
  • Elevating Customer Satisfaction through Strategic Messaging.

Fusing Human Touch with Automation

All-in-One Hub for Smoother B2B and B2C Conversations

  • The Perfect Blend: Human and Bot Support.
  • 24/7 Customer Support That Never Takes a Bow.
  • Live Chat with Multiple Agents.
  • Crafting Moments that Make Every Customer Feel Special.

Increase Sales and Customer Retention With Zithara CDP

37 %
Increase Customer Engagement
18 %
Reduce CAC
23 %
Increase Average Bill Value
Reward Points Redeemed

Where Founders and Marketers Unite

Make your mark today by joining 1000+ industry leaders

Weaving the Extraordinary into Your Journey

Regular Visitors

Increase Regular Visitors by 46%

Drop Off's

Reduce Drop off's by 38%

Potential Buyers

Increase the footfall by 27%

Abandoned Carts

Decrease abandoned cart by 38%

High Spenders

Convert Normal to High Spenders by 47%

A Omni-Channel Marketing Solution For

Success Stories That Speak for Themselves


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